About us

Siva make your business grow. We facilitate innovation by building, owning and developing infrastructure for industry, startups and research environments.

We invest in real estate and commercial property, reducing the risk for new entrants where market mechanisms makes this particularly demanding. We have ownership in innovation companies across the country. We develop knowledge and startup environments, and connect them to regional, national and international networks. The partner network supports and supervises several thousand entrepreneurs and startups. Every year.

Siva is a public enterprise owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Fisheries. We are part of the public funding agencies for innovation and work closely with Innovation Norway, the Norwegian Research Council and the Norwegian Patent Office. Our office with 40 employees is located in Trondheim.


Siva is a sought after partner in major industrial projects that require extensive collaboration and large investments. We serve as a facilitator, partner and investor in these projects.


We help developing industries that are new and immature, and companies in need of restructuring. We have a special responsibility for industries and geographic areas with poor access to private capital.

Siva Eiendom Holding (SHE) is a subsidiary of Siva SF, and is responsible for real estate operations.

SEH differs from other real estate companies in that its purpose is to contribute to innovation and economic development, yet being a commercial company seeking profit and dividends. Sivas investments should always trigger private capital. SEH has full or partial ownership in more than 40 real estate companies.


We are co-owner of over 100 innovation companies. We use our ownership to aid the companies in utilizing their potential. These companies are important innovation agents in their environments.

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Strong connections between entrepreneurs, research environments and private sector industry has proven effective for developing new and existing businesses. Access to external mentors, expertise and networks can make it easier to succeed and accelerate the innovation process. An important task for Siva is to identify and develop ideas for future innovation companies in environments where we see a potential for more innovation.

Siva offers advice, locations and networks. Most companies participate in Siva´s development program for incubation and business gardens.


Innovation companies carrying this logo are among Norway’s finest business developers.
Innovation companies carrying this logo are among Norway’s finest business developers.

Our innovation programs contribute to developing startups and co-working spaces. Companies enlisted in the programs are “Siva partners.”  They are professional innovators making a remarkable effort in Norwegian business development. They support and guide over 2000 startups and small businesses every year.


Incubation is a tool for developing startups and creating growth in existing businesses. An incubator give entrepreneurs access to professional mentors, investors and business developers. The incubator also provide a social and intellectual environment. Incubators enlisted in the program receive basic funding from Siva.

Business gardens

A business garden collocates development-oriented companies to promote growth, cooperation and development. It provides access to expertise, networks and an academic and social community. A business garden create value for the companies, the local community and the regional economy. Private sector should always be at the forefront of the process surrounding the creation and development of a business garden.

Siva provides basic funding for business gardens participating in the program.

Norwegian Innovation Clusters (NIC)

NIC offers technical and financial support to innovation clusters who are nationally or internationally competitive in its field. Innovation Norway, Siva and the Norwegian Research Counsil administrate the program. The Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Fisheries and the Ministry of Local Government and Modernization funds NIC.


Siva administrates public funds to contribute to innovation and economic development in Norway.  We have strong ethic guidelines and are dedicated to meeting authorities, organizations and business partners in an open, reliable and responsible manner.  The ethical guidelines provide a framework for employee behavior, describing the company’s minimum expectation to its employees.

Download: Ethical guidelines for Siva (Text in norwegian)